New Certificate Program in Architecture and Engineering

This Certificate Program has been in place informally since 1973 and formally since 1981. When it was structured into a certificate in 1981, the only means of receiving the certificate in Architecture and Engineering is to be a major in CEE with a focus on structural engineering. We have now broadened this Certificate Program to make it accessible to students of all disciplines, within and without engineering.

The goal of the revised Certificate Program is to enable students to work at the intersection of engineering and architecture, where both engineering and architecture are defined more broadly than structural design. It is a framework for interdisciplinary study to tackle problems that cannot be addressed by one discipline and an opportunity to explore new educational and research trajectories.

Currently, three “fields of expertise” for the Program are listed: Structures, Computation, and Environment. With approval of the committee, the student may construct their own “field of expertise” that demonstrates a coherent program of study addressing a global challenge theme.

The Certificate Program now has two co-directors: one from the School of Engineering (Maria Garlock) and one from the School of Architecture (Forrest Meggers). It also has new requirements. For more detail visit the website:

The undergraduate announcement has more information: