I am thankful to so many people, such as my hard working students and collaborating colleagues, who have worked with me to advance the knowledge, teaching, and learning of civil engineering. We have made (and will continue to make) a great team! On this page I list only some of those people with acknowledgement that there are many more, in particular several spectacular Masters and undergraduate students, some of whom can be found listed in my CV as advising their thesis.

Maria E. Moreyra Garlock

For four years I was a practicing structural engineer designing tall and unique buildings while working for Leslie Robertson Associates (LERA) in New York City. Practicing engineering was a rewarding opportunity where I was able to experience design ideas, collaborations, discussions, and calculations made on paper come to life in a real structure. I eventually came to desire a career in academia, so with my Professional Engineering License in hand, I left LERA to pursue a doctorate. This practical experience inspired my research directions. Ultimately, I desire that the outcomes of my research end up being used by practicing engineers and policy makers.

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Some Recent Graduate Students & Post-Docs