Through detailed studies of structures (buildings, vaults, bridges), CEE463 develops the student’s skills in drawing, model making, aesthetic considerations, and advanced engineering analysis. It also emphasizes the humanities aspect of our built environment through a study of the social and economic context of the built work. The theme of the course changes every time it is taught:

  • In 2010 the theme was “Fazlur Khan, Structural Artist of Tall Building Forms” co-taught by myself and Professor Sigrid Adriaenssens. See the website.
  • In 2012 the theme was “Evolution of German Shells, Efficiency in Form” co-taught by Professors Glisic and Adriaenssens. See the website and a short video capturing the spirit of the course.
  • In 2014 the theme was “The Art of Spanish Bridge Design”, co taught by myself and Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza, the Keenan Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching. See the website and a short video capturing the spirit of the course.
  • In 2016 the theme was “Creativity in Cuban Thin Shell Structures”, co taught by myself and Branko Glisic. See website.

Within each theme, engineering calculations of designs will be made through advanced analyses, the social context will be studied, a site visit will be made during break week, and models of a few significant works will be created and placed on display as part of an exhibition in the Engineering Library.

Some relevant publications related to this course include:

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