In 2013, along with Naomi Leonard (Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), we initiated an entity on campus to better facilitate and support research and teaching between engineering and the arts. This entity, which has the strong support of the School of Engineering and Applied Science Dean, Vince Poor, has the goals of promoting and inspiring both scholarship and art-making by facilitating collaborations at the intersection of engineering and the arts – in the context of teaching and research/art-making. Further, we seek to promote public awareness of the art of engineering. To date, interested faculty from engineering, the humanities, and the arts have had several lunch-time seminars to continue the discussion. In addition, we hosted an outside lecturer (John Maeda, former President of RISD), and we are now designing a certificate program for undergraduate students. Several of these faculty will be co-teaching a new course in the Spring 2016 semester to engage students of all disciplines in a course that captures the goals of our initiative.