Maria Garlock had the privilege of moderating two panels on the general subject of integrating art and engineering.

  1. Princeton University’s Council on Science and Technology’s (CST’s) hosted the first biennial Living at the Intersection Symposium, which focused on the intersection of Engineering and the Arts (April 13, 2018). Maria Garlock moderated Panel II – Taking Risks. Within the context of living at the intersection of engineering and art, we think of “risk” as having the courage to try something new that unleashes creativity, embraces failure, and seeks collaboration.
  2. In conjunction with SOM’s most recent exhibition “SOM: Engineering x [Art + Architecture],”  Maria Garlock moderated a panel on October 12, 2017 in Chicago, where the panelists were architect Vincent Chang (Grimshaw), artist James Carpenter, historian Nicholas Adams (Professor of Art at Vassar College), architect Scott Duncan (SOM), and structural engineers Mark Sarkisian and William F. Baker, (SOM). This panel examined the thesis of the exhibition, which highlighted projects that integrate engineering, art, and architecture. It illustrated how structure and architecture can be one and the same without compromising elegance.  A recording of the panel can be found here.